the achiyaku

The Achiyaku is a sound-temple that has been designed for the mountains of Peru. The temple covers an area of approximately 400 meters, depending on the tides of the year. A delicate alloy of copper, silver and gold has been sculpted into the form of an inside-out chapel. Allowing the chapel to have the characteristics of a singing bowl and function as a sound generating piece of architecture. The chapel can be played by striking the rim of the walls with a padded mallet. While the rim vibrates it produces a sound which consists of one fundamental frequency and several overtones. The origin of this sound lies within the chapel but will also resonate with the vibrations of the mountain itself. As a result these sound vibrations will be carried through the surrounding water, acting as a conductor.

Visitors may put their bodies in this water and experience the sound vibrations on a physical level. Another possibility is to lay their bodies down on a special designed copper boat. The body will rest upon a thin raster of copper which will gently transmit the sound vibrations though the body. Several rings of quartz form the outer rings of the chapel and function as a place where the visitors can sit or walk. Visitors are invited to grab a padded mallet and play the vibrations of the chapel. Some of these vibrations may creates overtones and these are known to sound especially beautiful with the overtone singing.

Visitors may interpreted this sound chapel as they want and create an ongoing piece together. There are two ways to access this atrium of the temple and this is either by swimming or by sailing in one of the small boats. When the chapel will be set in motion it will resonate with the surrounding vibrations of the water, mountain, sky and the vibrations that the visitors carry with them. The idea behind the chapel is to align these vibrations by creating one composition together. The power of sound vibrations has been known for a long time in the Eastern part of the world and has recently gained more attention in the field of science, medicine and technology.