healing space

This is a healing space specially designed for the annual psy-fi festival in Holland. It is a place where people can come to take a little bit of quiet time from the busy festival and specially for people who have a problem in their mind and got stuck. Through a special designed technique Serge and his team will speak with these persons in private and try to find an opening and a path to healing.

The space is made of a construction of pallets and covered with plates that are painted gold and treated with a cheap version of gold leaf to give this space an old and rich aura. There are six very small chapels, just big enough for 2 persons to have a conversation. Every chapel has a large opening so that the connection to the outside world will be maintained. In the middle of the space there is a large oval shaped sheep skin bath. Here the visitors may lay down before of after the session and relax while looking at the clouds passing by.