A proposition for a new kind of cemetery. When a human being has passed away a 3D scan will be made of the face. After the scan the body will be cremated. The ashes of the cremated body will be mixed together with copper dust. This mixture will be used as a filament for the DMLS printer. The DMLS printer is a 3D printer that melts metal alloys into a certain form. The mixture of ashes and copper will be printed into the form of the face of the dead human being.

Those left behind will release the face of their beloved one onto the sea. Here the remains of the dead can float all together on the waves of the sea. Their faces staring upwards towards the sky. The idea of this cemetery is that it will make us look at death in a more poetic way. We can experience the physical act of letting go of a beloved one. We can always think about them as floating somewhere in the ocean rather than laying somewhere under the ground. All the faces of past earth habitants will float beautifully together on the waves of the sea. Its a collective graveyard where ancient faces of China kan meet ancient faces of Africa. This piece of art will grow slowly in time and will open up a space in our mind where we can see our time on earth as a passage that we make all together.