Floating gently upon the waves, the Amarama is a floating space designed as a tempel for the sea. People can come together in the Amarama for a certain period of time and enjoy the symphony between sky and sea.

The design of the ship is inspired by the shape of an oyster. The asymmetric, organic shape of the exterior protects the delicate and soft interior of the ship. The exterior is made of reflective aluminium material which reflects the surrounding seascape and allows the ship to play along with the environment. The interior of the ship is covered with soft forms echoing the waves of the sea. A long panoramic window gives sight to the sea and sky at any time. A giant black obsidian stone rests at the center of the ship. Reflecting all surroundings and visitors in one.
Visitors might find themselves drown into its abyss.

For a minimum of 12 hours the space can be rented either by large groups or individuals. There is a 12 hour minimum so that the spectator will at least see the sunrise or sunset. Allowing the visitor to see the spectacle between the sun, sea, moon, clouds and the interior of the ship. The Amarama will try in a visual way to play a note into the symphony between sky and sea.

The Amarama is a space where humans can reflect on their existence and reconnect with their surroundings, the cosmos.